Thuja Hedging Trees Rootballed 2m+ High

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Thuja Hedging Plants, more specifically Thuja Brabant or White Cedar Hedges are a great choice for a fast growing evergreen conifer hedge. Thuja Brabant are evergreen conifers widely used in Europe for creating a hedge in preference to Green Leylandii. There are similarities between Thuja and Leylandii but in general Thuja Brabant Hedging is bushier and slightly slower growing making it easier to maintain as a hedge.

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Thuja occidentalis Brabant, White Cedar

  • Trees are 200cm+ in height
  • Recommended Planting Density – 1- 1.3 per metre/ Plant 75-100cm apart
  • Fast growing evergreen conifer Tree
  • Flat sprays of tiny, aromatic, yellow-green leaves
  • Can be kept as a formal hedge or used for screening
  • Responds much better to hard pruning than Leylandii trees
  • Buy 12 trees for Free Delivery*

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