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At Hedging UK we are a friendly, family run business and specialist growers of quality hedging. We grow top quality container grown evergreen hedging and deciduous hedge options. All the pot grown hedging plants are grown outside on our own nursery in Holmeswood, Lancashire where we are known for producing robust plants that are quick to establish as there has been no disruption to the plant’s root system. Our hedging is available to purchase at wholesale prices across the UK through our mail order service. Our customers include Landscapers, Local Authorities, Garden Centres, Tree Surgeons, Schools and Private customers. Our experience in the hedging plant market enables us to offer the best quality hedging plants with a price and service to match.

Our nursery is located in Holmeswood, Lancashire in the northwest of England and is not open to the general public. Whilst the nursery is predominantly a mail order business, customers are welcome to come and see our range of hedging plants and purchase plants at the nursery, but please do so by appointment only.

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Are you looking for new hedge plants? Make sure that you check out Hedging UK today! We offer a range of hedges and hedging plants, all of which are perfect for creating beautiful landscapes in your garden or outdoor space. Our hedging plants include a range of evergreen and deciduous hedging and they come in a range of shapes and sizes, from different hedging species including boxwood to yew, holly and laurel, as well as native hedge plants, beech, hornbeam and privet. All of the hedging plants that we grow are of the highest standards and will look amazing in your space. Whether you want to create privacy or define garden boundaries, block views and noise, attract wildlife or maybe you want a hedge full of flowering shrubs, something to make your outside area stand out, Hedging UK is the team to call on. For more information, contact our expert team today!

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You know that you need hedging plants, but you’re unsure which type to go for, don’t worry, our team can help you. We will determine the best type of Instant hedging or potted hedge plants for you and your requirements. Maybe the growth rate, size and maintenance aspect is something that you need to consider, or maybe you would like flowering shrubs or trees to create your new hedge, well we can help.It’s important to remember that fast growing hedging plants are desirable and effective for quick results, however, they may need more frequent pruning to maintain their shape. Conversely,  slower growing hedging plants may require less maintenance on an annual basis but will take longer to grow into a hedge initially. All of this information is available from our expert hedging team, simply give us a call today! From evergreen hedging to native and instant hedging, get in touch with Hedging UK today.

Hedging plants are usually very versatile plants and suitable for many different spaces. As well as being a visually appealing addition to any garden or landscape. They can be used to create a natural barrier that provides privacy and blocks unwanted views or noise, as well as screen out neighbouring properties or create a private space within a larger garden. From the aesthetics of creating borders and adding structure to your garden, to the environmental benefits, like providing a habitat for wildlife including birds and insects. Hedging plants and Hedges can provide a multitude of benefits. What is more is, they can also be relatively inexpensive compared with the cost of building a wall or erecting a tall fence. And once your hedge is established, it can normally be maintained with just an annual trim or prune. You can simply enjoy the practical and aesthetic benefits that a hedge provides. So whatever your reason for needing a hedge, make sure that you take a look at Hedging UK today.