Hedges are a key landscape feature providing many beneficial functions. Primarily hedges are used to mark boundaries and to define spaces. These spaces may be a garden or property, agricultural land or a park. Of course, boundaries can also be defined using walls and fences but hedges are in general far cheaper and much more versatile. A hedge provides added privacy and security to a property. Not only will it help to keep unwanted visitors out but it will also help contain young children and pets within the garden limits. Tall hedges can be used to screen unwanted views and conversely a hedge can be used to frame and focus important views within a garden.

Hedges are fantastic wind barriers in that they filter the wind rather than blocking and diverting its flow as a wall or fence would do. This protection creates a sheltered microclimate where plants thrive as a result of the improved growing conditions.

Hedges can be clipped into architectural shapes which define a garden.

A striking feature that enhances any garden and with many colours and differing attributes to choose from, it takes some careful consideration as to which type of hedge is best suited to your needs.