About Us

Hedging Plants from Hedging UK

Welcome to Hedging UK, a family-run business specialising in growing quality hedging plants. My name’s Russell and I am the founder of the nursery, which was established in 2008. Before starting this business, I had a background in product design, having completed both a degree and an MSc in the field. I had been working in a CAD design job for a while, but unfortunately, I was made redundant in 2008. However, everything happens for a reason as they say, and having already been setting up this business in the background, the transition was thankfully a little smoother.

My interest in horticulture began in 1999 when my parents bought a farm, and I built a polytunnel for my mother to grow perennials from seed. My curiosity resulted in cultivating various plants as a hobbyist. As I experimented with growing different plants, I became more and more interested in horticulture. After a few years of growing and selling perennial plants, I started selling hedging plants online, which proved to be quite successful. It was then that I decided to concentrate solely on growing and selling hedging plants.

Over the years, our nursery has grown in size and we are constantly trialling different ways of growing different plants in search of the best solutions. Although there have been a few mistakes along the way, there has also been innovation, and we constantly strive to move forward.

Hedge Plant Specialists

At Hedging UK, we take pride in being a friendly and family-run business. We are specialist growers of quality container grown evergreen and deciduous hedging plants, all of which are grown outside on our own nursery in Holmeswood, Lancashire. This produces robust plants that are quick to establish as there has been no disruption to the plant’s root system.

Our hedging plants are available to purchase at wholesale prices across the UK through our mail-order service. Our customers include landscapers, local authorities, garden centres, tree surgeons, schools, and private customers. With our experience in this market, we are able to offer the best quality hedging plants with a price and service to match.

Instant Hedging UK

We also specialise in Instant Hedging offering a diverse selection of instant hedging plants. Unlike traditional hedge plants that can take several years to fully establish, our instant hedges are designed to provide an immediate impact upon installation.

Our team of experts handle all aspects of the growing process for our instant hedges, ensuring that they are carefully planted into hedging troughs and nurtured until they reach a mature stage. Thanks to this level of attention, our instant hedges are ready to be planted at any time of year.

Our instant hedging plants and formal hedges come in pre-grown 1-metre lengths and are available in various heights and varieties. Because the plants and roots are already knitted together, installing our pre-grown hedges is a quick and straightforward process.

Whether you’re looking to add privacy and security, or simply enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, Hedging UK has the perfect solution for you. Browse our selection of instant hedges and formal hedges today and transform your outdoor space with ease.

Our nursery is located in the North West of England. Whilst the nursery is predominantly a mail-order business, customers are welcome to come and see our range of hedging plants and purchase plants at the nursery, but please do so by appointment only.

As a family run business, customer service is of utmost importance to us. If you have any questions including advice such as,  Which Hedges would be Best Suited to your project, Which Hedges would Provide a Good Variety of Colours or any other query at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.