Cherry Laurel Hedging Plants 20L Pot 100-120cm

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‘Rotundifolia’ is a special type of cherry laurel plant. It’s loved for its round leaves and strong growth. Gardeners and people who work with plants like this hedge because it’s easy to grow and looks great in gardens.

This plant stays green all year. It has shiny leaves that are round and bright green. In spring, it gets pretty white flowers that smell amazing. In summer, the leaves stay green and make a nice shade. Even in autumn and winter, it keeps its leaves, so your garden still looks lush.

‘Rotundifolia’ is great for making a fence or wall of greenery in your garden. You can trim it to look nice and neat, or let it grow more naturally. It can handle different kinds of weather and soil as it’s a generally hardy plant.


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Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia, Common Laurel, Cherry Laurel

  • Laurel Plants are 100-120cm in height in 20 Litre polypots
  • Bushy Plants, recommended Planting Density – 2 per metre
  • Very popular choice for hedging as fast growing, dense and evergreen
  • Produces White flowers followed by red cherry-like fruits in Winter
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