Thuja Instant Hedge 1m Long 200cm+ High

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Thuja Instant Hedge

Thuja Hedging Plants, more specifically Thuja Brabant or White Cedar Hedges are a great choice for a fast growing evergreen conifer hedge. Thuja Brabant are evergreen conifers widely used in Europe for creating a hedge in preference to Green Leylandii. There are similarities between Thuja and Leylandii but in general, Thuja Brabant Hedging is bushier and slightly slower growing making it easier to maintain as a hedge.

A Thuja Instant Hedge represents a pre-grown and pre-trained hedge comprised of plants from the Thuja genus, commonly known as arborvitaes or cedars. Species like Thuja occidentalis (Eastern Arborvitae) or Thuja plicata (Western Red Cedar) are frequently chosen for their dense foliage, evergreen nature, and adaptability, making them ideal for hedge creation. This innovative landscaping solution involves cultivating ready-made hedging plants to a specific height and density, offering an immediate and mature green boundary upon planting.

Thuja Instant Hedges typically feature well-branched plants with established foliage, providing an instant green screen. The plants are meticulously grown and pruned to ensure uniformity and density throughout the hedge. Planting involves creating a trench and carefully positioning the pre-grown Thuja plants at recommended intervals. Adequate attention to watering, fertilization, and soil conditions is essential for the successful establishment of the hedge.

Thuja species generally thrive in well-drained soil and can adapt to various soil types. They prefer locations with either full sun or partial shade for optimal growth. While Thuja Instant Hedges are already well-formed, regular pruning and trimming are necessary to maintain the desired size and shape, as Thuja responds well to shaping, allowing for formal and neatly manicured hedges.

The benefits of a Thuja Instant Hedge include immediate privacy, a windbreak, and a lush appearance without the waiting period associated with traditional hedge growth. However, attention should be given to potential issues like pests or diseases, and regular care and monitoring contribute to the overall health and longevity of the hedge. In summary, a Thuja Instant Hedge offers a convenient and efficient landscaping option for those desiring a quick and well-defined evergreen green boundary, and adherence to care instructions ensures the continued vibrancy and health of the hedge.

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Thuja occidentalis Brabant, White Cedar.

  • Hedges are 2 metres (6.5-7 foot) in height.
  • Field Grown In Special Troughs
  • Recommended Planting Density – 1 per metre.
  • Fast growing evergreen conifer Tree.
  • Flat sprays of tiny, aromatic, yellow-green leaves.
  • Can be kept as a formal hedge or used for screening.
  • Responds much better to hard pruning than Leylandii trees
  • Buy 3 metres for Free Delivery*


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