Griselinia Littoralis Instant Hedge 140-160cm

Griselinia littoralis Instant Hedging

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Griselinia littoralis Instant Hedging

Griselinia littoralis, commonly known as the New Zealand Broadleaf or Kapuka, is a versatile evergreen shrub originating from New Zealand. With its dense, glossy green foliage, leathery oval-shaped leaves, and adaptability to various growing conditions, Griselinia littoralis has become a popular choice for hedging, landscaping, and garden design.

Instant Hedge Appeal:

An “Instant Hedge” refers to a pre-grown or pre-trained hedge that is ready for immediate planting. Opting for a Griselinia littoralis Instant Hedge allows you to achieve an established and mature look right away, providing an array of immediate benefits for your outdoor space. The hedge has been carefully nurtured to a specific height and density, offering instant privacy, structure, and aesthetic appeal.

Planting and Maintenance:

To ensure the success of your Griselinia littoralis Instant Hedge, proper planting techniques are crucial. Adequate spacing between plants is essential to encourage healthy growth and optimal density. Griselinia littoralis thrives in well-drained soil and benefits from regular watering, especially during dry periods. While the species is generally hardy, providing some protection in colder climates can help it withstand harsh winter conditions.

Sunlight Requirements:

Griselinia littoralis performs best in areas with full sun to partial shade. Ensuring that your Instant Hedge receives the appropriate amount of sunlight is key to maintaining its health and vibrant appearance.

Pruning and Shaping:

One of the notable features of Griselinia littoralis is its responsiveness to pruning. Regular maintenance, including shaping and trimming, allows you to control the size and form of the hedge. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a well-defined and neatly manicured landscape.

Versatility and Adaptability:

Beyond its use as a hedge, Griselinia littoralis is prized for its versatility. It can adapt to various soil types, making it suitable for a wide range of garden settings. The species is also relatively resistant to pests and diseases, contributing to its overall hardiness.

Climate Considerations:

Griselinia littoralis is well-suited to temperate climates. While it can tolerate coastal conditions and winds, providing some protection in colder climates, especially during the winter months, ensures the long-term health of the hedge.

In summary, a Griselinia littoralis Instant Hedge offers an immediate solution for those seeking a lush, green boundary or focal point in their outdoor spaces. Its vibrant foliage, adaptability, and quick establishment make it a valuable addition to gardens and landscapes, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

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Griselinia Littoralis Instant Hedge

  • Plants are 140-160cm in height.
  • Recommended Planting Density – 1 per metre.
  • Evergreen shrub, apple green leathery leaves.
  • Excellent hedging plants for coastal areas.
  • Relatively fast growing with upright habit.
  • Buy 3 troughs for Free Delivery*


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