Hedges for Seaside and Coastal Gardens – What Salt Tolerant Hedging Plants are Best?

Best Hedge Plants for UK Coastal Gardens

Looking to create a stunning seaside garden in the UK? To achieve the perfect coastal look, it’s important to choose plants that are both hardy and salt-tolerant. Griselinia, Sea Buckthorn, Elaeagnus, Lavender, and Hebe are all excellent options that thrive in coastal gardens. Griselinia, in particular, is a popular choice due to its glossy green leaves and exceptional ability to tolerate salt, making it a perfect fit for seaside areas all around the UK, from Aberdeen in the North East to St Ives in the South West. As specialist growers of container-grown hedging plants, Hedging UK offers a range of high-quality options that are perfect for coastal gardens. Contact us today to learn more about our selection and pricing, and start creating your dream seaside garden!

Ideal Plants for Coastal Gardens

Griselinia is an evergreen shrub known for its glossy, emerald green leaves and its ability to tolerate salty air and strong winds. It can reach a height of up to 4 metres and grows at a moderate rate. Griselinia produces tiny, greenish-yellow flowers in late spring and early summer. It prefers well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter.

Green Leylandii trees are vibrant and hardy additions to your garden. With their lush green foliage, they bring a refreshing touch of nature to any outdoor space. These trees are salt-tolerant, making them ideal for coastal areas, and their resilience allows them to withstand various weather conditions. Enjoy their year-round beauty without the need for traditional flowering seasons. Choose Green Leylandii trees to add a splash of green and natural charm to your garden oasis.

Sea Buckthorn is a deciduous shrub that can grow up to 6 metres tall. It has silver-grey leaves and produces yellow flowers in the spring. Its bright orange berries are also a notable feature, ripening in the autumn. Sea Buckthorn grows well in sandy soils and is tolerant of salt spray.

Green Privet Hedging is a beautiful and resilient choice for creating boundaries in your garden. With its glossy green leaves and fragrant flowers, it adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. This versatile plant is salt-tolerant, making it perfect for coastal areas, and its hardiness allows it to withstand varying weather conditions. Choose Green privet hedging to create a stunning and enduring hedge that brings beauty and privacy to your garden

Golden Privet Hedging otherwise known as Ligustrum Ovalifolium Aureum is an excellent alternative to the standard Green Privet hedge as above. Golden Privet are suitable for formal hedges and they also make super topiary. The main reason for choosing Golden Privet Hedging is the colour. A welcome contrast to the prominent green in the garden.

Holly Hedging Plants are a charming addition to any garden, with deep green leaves and vibrant red berries. Their glossy and spiky evergreen foliage creates a dense and visually appealing hedge. While their berries add a festive touch during winter, these plants are moderately salt-tolerant and resilient to varying weather conditions. Choose Holly hedging for a classic and enduring hedge that brings beauty and privacy to your outdoor space.

Elaeagnus Ebbingei Also known as Silverberry or Oleaster is a hardy evergreen shrub and very versatile tolerating both shade and dry soils. The new leaves of this impressive evergreen start out with silver speckles and mature to a lustrous green. This contrasts beautifully with the silver undersides of the leaves giving the hedge a silver shimmering effect in the wind. Elaeagnus / Oleaster produce small, fragrant, creamy-white flowers in Autumn and orange fruits in Spring.

Lavender is a perennial plant known for its fragrant purple flowers and grey-green foliage. It can reach a height of up to 1.5 metres and prefers well-draining soil that is slightly alkaline. Lavender requires full sun and moderate watering.

Hebe is a genus of evergreen shrubs that range in size from 50 cm to 1.5 metres. They produce spikes of flowers in shades of white, pink, or purple in the summer and have small, glossy leaves. Hebe prefers well-draining soil that is slightly acidic.

It is important to note that these plants have varying soil and environmental requirements, and it is best to research their specific needs before planting them in your coastal garden.

Best Plants for Coastal Hedges


If you’re looking for an attractive, versatile and low-maintenance hedge, then Griselinia is the perfect choice for your garden. With its glossy green leaves and its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, Griselinia is an excellent choice for a range of garden styles.

The leaves of Griselinia are leathery and have a rich green colour, which adds a touch of elegance and class to any garden. It also has a dense and compact growth habit, which makes it a great option for hedges, screens, or borders.

Unlike some other plants, Griselinia is salt tolerant and is well suited to coastal areas. Most coastal locations benefit from milder conditions due to the salt air.  Griselinia It is not tolerant of very cold conditions (minus 10 and lower) so is not suitable for locations that experience very cold Winters.

If you’re looking for a fast-growing hedge, then Griselinia is a great choice. It can grow up to 30cm a year, so it won’t take long for your hedge to establish.

At Hedging UK, we offer a range of Griselinia plants in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Our plants are grown to the highest standards, ensuring they are healthy and vigorous when they arrive at your doorstep. 

Best Hedges for Coastal Gardens Griselinia Littoralis Hedging Salt Resistant British Grown Nursery UK Delivery

Elaeagnus Ebbingei 

Elaeagnus x Ebbingei Hedging Plants, otherwise known as Oleaster Hedging Plants are a very popular, robust, fast-growing evergreen that makes the most fantastic hedge. Elaeagnus hedges are very tolerant of salt winds allowing them to thrive in coastal locations. The leaves are dark green but with silver speckles giving them a more silver coloured appearance in the right light. The undersides of the leaves are fully silver in colour. This mix of colours gives a silver shimmering effect when the leaves of an Elaeagnus hedge flutter in the wind. 

Elaeagnus / Oleaster produce small, fragrant, creamy-white flowers in Autumn and orange fruits in Spring. A hardy and versatile plant, an Elaeagnus hedge with its attractive foliage will provide a great backdrop for planted borders but is also useful as an attractive screen, growing up to 3-4 metres high.

Elaeagnus or Oleaster hedging plants make an excellent choice for a fast-growing evergreen hedge or screen with seasonal interest.

Coastal Hedging Plants

Green Leylandii Trees

Green Leylandii trees are a delightful addition to any garden or landscape, boasting vibrant green foliage that adds a touch of natural beauty. These trees are known for their elegant and lush appearance, with dense clusters of soft, feathery leaves that create a lush and verdant canopy. The colour of the leaves is a rich and vibrant green, providing a refreshing and calming ambience to any outdoor space.

One of the remarkable features of Green Leylandii trees is their ability to withstand a variety of climates and conditions, including salty environments. These hardy trees have developed a natural salt tolerance, making them an excellent choice for coastal areas where salty air and soil can pose a challenge for other plant varieties. Their salt tolerance allows them to thrive even in locations that experience oceanic breezes or where soil salinity is a concern.

When it comes to flowering, Green Leylandii trees do not produce traditional flowers like some other tree species. However, their lush green foliage provides a year-round beauty that doesn’t rely on blooming seasons. This means you can enjoy their vibrant greenery and refreshing atmosphere throughout the year without waiting for specific flowering periods.

In terms of hardiness, Green Leylandii trees are well-regarded for their resilience and ability to withstand various weather conditions. They are known to be sturdy and can endure harsh winters, strong winds, and even heavy snowfall. This resilience makes them a reliable choice for British gardens, where unpredictable weather patterns are often a part of the natural rhythm.

Overall, Green Leylandii trees are a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a visually appealing, salt-tolerant, and hardy tree to enhance your outdoor space. With their vibrant green colour, soft and feathery leaves, consistent greenery throughout the year, and ability to thrive in diverse climates, these trees bring a touch of natural splendour to any garden, creating a welcoming and picturesque environment.

Green Privet Hedging

Green privet hedging is a fantastic choice for creating a charming and elegant boundary around your garden or property. With its vibrant green foliage, it adds a touch of natural beauty and a sense of privacy to any outdoor space. The leaves of Green privet are small, glossy, and dense, forming a dense and compact hedge that offers both visual appeal and functionality.

While Green Privet does produce flowers, they are often small and inconspicuous. However, these flowers emit a delightful fragrance, attracting bees and butterflies to your garden during the flowering season. This adds a delightful touch of nature and biodiversity to your outdoor environment.

One of the remarkable features of Green privet hedging is its salt tolerance. This makes it an excellent choice for coastal areas or gardens in close proximity to the sea. The robust nature of Green Privet enables it to thrive in areas where salty air and soil can pose challenges to other plant species. Its ability to tolerate salt makes it a reliable and low-maintenance option for coastal gardeners.

When it comes to hardiness, Green Privet is known for its resilience and adaptability. It can withstand a variety of weather conditions, including cold winters and strong winds. This makes it well-suited for British gardens, where weather patterns can be unpredictable.

Green privet hedging is a visually appealing and versatile choice for creating boundaries in your garden. Its vibrant green colour, glossy leaves, and fragrant flowers during the flowering season add beauty and allure. With its salt tolerance and hardiness, Green Privet can thrive in coastal areas and withstand diverse weather conditions. Choose Green privet hedging to create a stunning, low-maintenance, and enduring feature in your outdoor space.

Golden Privet Hedging

The same attributes as green privet hedging shown above though with a vibrant golden colour when planted in full sun for a marked contrast to the many greens of a garden. 

Holly Hedging Plants 

Holly hedging plants are a classic and enchanting addition to any garden or landscape. With their deep green leaves and vibrant red berries, they bring a touch of traditional charm and festive spirit. The colour of the leaves is a luscious and rich green, providing a beautiful backdrop to any outdoor space.

The leaves of Holly hedging plants are glossy, spiky, and evergreen, creating a dense and visually appealing hedge. Their prickly nature adds a layer of security and privacy, making them an ideal choice for creating natural boundaries. These leaves also offer a delightful contrast to other plants in the garden, adding texture and interest to the overall landscape.

While Holly hedging plants are renowned for their decorative berries, they require both male and female plants to produce fruit. Female Holly plants bear bright red berries, which typically appear during the winter months, adding a splash of colour and attracting birds to your garden. This seasonal display adds a festive touch to the outdoor environment, especially during the holiday season.

When it comes to salt tolerance, Holly hedging plants are generally considered moderately tolerant. While they can handle some exposure to salt, they may not thrive in highly saline coastal areas. However, in most garden settings, they can withstand normal levels of salt found in the air or soil.

In terms of hardiness, Holly hedging plants are known for their resilience and adaptability. They can endure various weather conditions, including cold winters and strong winds, making them suitable for British gardens. Their hardy nature ensures that they remain vibrant and robust throughout the year, providing a reliable and long-lasting hedge.

In summary, Holly hedging plants bring a sense of tradition and natural beauty to any garden. With their deep green leaves, vibrant red berries, and prickly texture, they create an enchanting and secure boundary. While their berries add seasonal flair during winter, their salt tolerance and hardiness make them suitable for a range of garden environments. Choose Holly hedging plants to create a timeless and visually stunning hedge that adds charm and character to your outdoor space.

UK Coastal Hedging Plants 

Coastal hedging plants are specifically chosen for their ability to thrive in the challenging conditions found in coastal areas. These plants are well-adapted to handle the unique combination of salt-laden air, strong winds, and sometimes poor soil quality that are common in coastal regions.

When it comes to the mentioned plants, such as Green Leylandii trees, Green privet hedging, and Holly hedging plants, their salt tolerance and hardiness make them suitable for planting in coastal gardens. They can withstand the higher salt content in the air and soil, as well as the strong coastal winds that can cause desiccation in less adapted plants.

In the UK, there are various seaside locations around the country where these coastal hedging plants can thrive. Here are some examples:

– North: Seahouses in Northumberland, Blackpool in Lancashire, and Scarborough in North Yorkshire.

– South: Brighton in East Sussex, Bournemouth in Dorset, and Plymouth in Devon.

– East: Southwold in Suffolk, Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, and Skegness in Lincolnshire.

– West: St Ives in Cornwall, Swansea in Wales, and Portrush in Northern Ireland.

These locations, representing different regions of the UK, offer diverse coastal environments where coastal hedging plants can be successfully grown. It’s important to note that the specific microclimates and conditions may vary within each location, so it’s always beneficial to consider local factors and consult with gardening experts to ensure the best results.

By choosing coastal hedging plants for seaside locations, you can create attractive and functional hedges that not only enhance the beauty of the coastal landscape but also provide protection, privacy, and habitat for local wildlife.

Benefits of Buying Coastal Hedging Plants Online from Hedging UK

Buying Coastal Hedging Plants Online from Hedging UK is a convenient and easy way to get high-quality hedging plants delivered straight to your door. Here are some of the benefits of ordering your hedging from us: 

  1. Wide Selection: At Hedging UK, we offer a diverse range of coastal hedging plants to suit your specific needs and preferences. From Green Leylandii trees to Green privet hedging and Holly hedging plants, you’ll find a variety of options to create the perfect coastal hedge for your garden.


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  1. Convenience: Ordering your coastal hedging plants online from Hedging UK saves you time and effort. Simply browse our website, select the plants you desire, and proceed with the easy ordering process. With just a few clicks, you can have your chosen coastal hedging plants on their way to your doorstep, eliminating the need for trips to nurseries or garden centres.


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